There's lot's of football memories out there, usually hidden in some old attic or drawer and I thought, why don't all we share them here, at this wee place that we like to call home!! So here's some of our memories that we'd like to share with you all, and if you have any of your own memories that you'd like to share then we'd love to hear and see them!! CLICK HERE
Ally MacLeod celebrates on the touchline at Anfield as Scotland beat Wales to ensure qualification for the World Cup finals!!
They say it's salmon but it's pink isn't it!!
Bloody holigans, give's us all a bad name lol
One of my best days ever!!!
Big Kenny underated in my opinion!!
The immortal Jim Baxter!!
The honour of playing for your country sometimes doesn't matter sometimes it would seem!!
No Chris, we cannae believe it either!!
We almost made it....!!
Now here's a team that makes you weep with the amount of talent on board!! Sorry about the signatures, it's one of mine, lol
It all started so well too!!
Landscape gardening, a speciality of the Tartan Army, not a lot of people know that!!
Aye even superstars can be hooligans!!
Going going nearly gone!!
Definetly gone!!
Best Scotland top ever!!!
We'll beat them one day!!
Definitely the King!!
I was there that night and no-one can take it away from me!! Still think he headered it, lol!!
Mo Mo Super Mo, great player!!


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