The Carvings shown here are the work of Ronald Henderson, Bridge of Earn
Ron takes his inspiration from the early Pictish and Scottish stone carvings which abound throughout the country. All of his work is hand-carved, using the exact same technique as our ancestors did over a thousand years ago.
culptor Ronald Henderson employs the exact same hand-carving technique as that used by the ancient Picts and Celts of Scotland, to produce his modern echoes of their age-old craft.
What follows are some examples of his work. He uses natural unsquared Scottish stone as the medium for his art, just as his ancestors did in the past; and allows each stone to tell its own individual story to the beholder. Consequently each is original and unique.
Because each stone has its own characteristics of texture, colour and form; and the carving, by definition, must vary slightly from stone to stone - each piece is bestowed with its own individuality. In other words, each is a one off. In consequence of this, each commissioned carving must be priced according to the complexity of the carving and the purchaser's requirements.
Take a walk back in time with this modern craftsman, and appreciate our unique Scottish Heritage. Enjoy these pictures, which can only give a small measure of the delight of actually owning a Henderson original.

'Ceum Air Ceum An Coinneamh A Chuil'
(Step By Step Backwards)

To see Ron's beautiful work in finer detail please click HERE for larger images.

'Tir gun Chanain, Tir gun Anam' (A land without a language is a land without a soul!)

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